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The turn of the 20th century was dominated by drastic changes, from the uprooting of age-old institutions to the rapid evolutions of technology and major social changes that redefined world order. One such age-old institution that has been consistent in its definition and goals that changed, is the art world. Technological inventions such as photography fragmented the art world into multiple different movements. These fragmentations combined with a lack of uniform definition, lead art critics and philosophers — such as Arthur Danto — into concluding that old art is dead. Meaning artists no longer aim for memetic — the real…

Imagine the tragedy of 9/11 occurring 21 times…. Every year…. For decades. Every single citizen, old or young, will personally join the military or pressure the government to defeat this threat. That is the reality of Substance abuse disorder. In 2016 alone 21 times more people died of drug overdose than in the attacks of September 11. However, the stigma and misinformation towards addicts and addiction remain strong today despite the tremendous financial and human loss. Addiction lacks proper long-lasting cures and relapse is almost guaranteed. One of the main reasons for the lack of a cure is because, by…

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A small girl, about age 5, is holding her mother’s hand in a supermarket while crying profusely, confused and terrified, she’s about to understand that her mother, who just overdosed on opiates will never wake up again. This child has become permanently traumatized. Opioid Addiction does not merely affect the addict, but everyone around them. Ironically the medication that’s supposed to kill pain, kills patients and wreck the lives of their loved ones.

Opioid-related deaths have overtaken casualties caused by car crashes and by 2025 they are projected to skyrocket, by 147%. Yet there seems to be very litter…

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In the Late 19th century a Russian scientist named, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, discovered something amazing in dogs. when a dog becomes hungry and sees food, its mouth releases saliva. Pavlov figured out a way to initiate that innate dog’s salivating response to hunger by conditioning his reflexes. He started ringing a bell every time he would feed his dog and after a couple of feedings later he was able to make the dog salivate without awarding him with food, merely by ringing the bell. …

Issa Khan

Pre-medical Student, who loves Psychology, History and Story telling

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